Our Story



THE BISCOTTEA BAKING COMPANY is focused on the creating and international marketing  of innovative, contemporary baked goods which exploit the enormous growth in  the market for specialized, healthier cookies

We created BISCOTTEA for tea drinkers because Italian style biscotti just doesn’t work for real tea enthusiasts. We believe that our squares of BISCOTTEA Shortbread, baked with actual tea in each square are the ideal pairing at tea time.”

Laurance Milner, Founder, Biscottea Baking Company

We created Bis*Coffee in response to our coffee drinking friends in Seattle where we are based. We source the finest Organic Coffee available and bake them into the same crunchy shortbread that we use to make BISCOTTEA, our brand of tea –baked shortbread.  We believe that you will enjoy them as much as our friends in Seattle do!"

Derek Still, Operations  Manager,  Biscottea Baking Company